How to apply

The responsible Doctor must order the tests. With the order, the patient must perform the necessary tests: Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT, preferably) or medical tomography (Helical) and photos (extraoral and intraoral). With all the documentation, the doctor or the radiology clinic must request the Easy3D® protocol. To do this, you only need to register on our website.


We will receive the files of the tomography and the photos through our website for the elaboration of the diagnostic protocol. The doctor or the radiological clinic can follow up on the request through the site and know what phase of the analysis it is in. You can also check if there is something pending in your order (Wrong documentation etc).


The Doctor or the radiology clinic will be notified of the conclusion of the diagnostic examination in the registered e-mail. The protocol can be downloaded through our website with your username and password.


What are the files and recommendations needed to apply for EASY 3D?

Important remarks:

Registration Model – Tomographies

Do not use supports that alter or compress the soft tissue in the tomography, such as chin cup, occlusal positioner, frontal band, ear positioner. See example:



Posicionador oclusal

Faixa frontal

Posicionador auricular

Photo positioning

Position 1

(Lip at rest)

Position 2


Position 3

Right profile
(Lip at rest)

Position 4

Left profile
(Lip at rest)

Position 5

Left Intraoral

Position 6

Frontal Intraoral

Position 7

Right Intraoral

Position 8

Superior occlusal

Position 9

Inferior occlusal